Code with agility

Rapid Application Development relying on the best-practices
with ready-to-use conventions and flexible configuration
design scalable and high-performance web application


Using the best-practices based on a deep knowledge of PHP language and Oriented Object Programming, inspired by the shared experience of millions of developers, other populars frameworks and tools, following the PHP Standard Recommendations from the PHP Framework Interop Group, RedCat is built on solid foundations.

zen interop development

Stand-alone components

According to Separation of Concerns principle, all the RedCat PHP components are made to work as stand-alone in any other environment. You can load them using a PSR-4 compliant autoloader like composer, or any loader from moderns frameworks

Open workflow

Integration of other components and frameworks is very easy, popular frameworks like Zend, Symfony, PEAR, Aura, Laravel and moderns source code follow the PSR autoload convention, that's mean you have just to import the source folder or use composer if you like it

A paradigm for right development

Concision by DRY

When programming we often have to find balance between these objectives and sometimes we have to take care of one to the detriment of others. But more often the one side can improve the others and we just missed the right way.
RedCat was designed with this paradigm in mind and respect all these qualities that make a good source code.

artistic development

Progressive structuring

RedCat is based on innovative approach that will satisfy as well the highly structured than the wild developers.
Whether you prefer scientist and well formed Router and modular MVC Design Patterns, or rather the simplicity of working artistically with a template engine as a complete solution, you'll can do both and also structuring progressively as is increasing the complexity of your application. Both approach can coexist at differents levels of implementation without the need to prevent incompatibility unlike in traditionnal frameworks.
Packed with robust and ready to use conventions, it will allow you to deploy unlimited evolutions according to the potential of your imagination. Feel free to be creative with trust and serenity.

RedCat-Framework is designed with madness and by a web developer for web developers !

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