About RedCat

RedCat-Framework is designed by the BDFL Jo (jo@surikat.pro). RedCat come from many years of personal studies and development. It need your support to build a large opensource community around. You can help to improve its solidity by reporting issues and bugs, enhance it by bringing suggestions and popularize it by sharing it with your developers colleagues and on social networks. To learn more about RedCat, go to what is redcat, why another framework, support and community pages.

Encouragement and promotion

RedCat is designed with madness and by a web developer for web developers !

If you like it, you can help to improve it by reporting issues and bugs, bring suggestions and sharing it or help the volunteer developer keep dedicated to RedCat Framework by making a donation.


  • The whole open-soure community without whom this project would not exist
  • Anne, my wife, for supporting my developath syndrome with love and patience
  • Thomas, my friend, for his intellectual contribution and inspiration and for his patience and enthousiasme
  • Nico, my father, for giving me the mega-powerful computer on which I work
  • Stackoverflow and it's contributors for answers to commons problems and code snippets
  • Github and it's contributors for their greats source-codes
  • All other websites and networks contributing to open-source development
  • PlanetHoster which host me and offering a technical support of quality


RedCat tools and code snippets

Good sourcecode editors

Website images

Sources for images

Externals plugins

Improve focus

It's scientifically proven that looking cute animals pictures improve the concentration ability, so for needs of productivity, let's get relax ;)

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