.htaccess - server configuration


All queries that doesn't match file are redirected by a generic .htaccess rewrite rule to index.php. You can pass $_GET, $_POST and $_FILES variables legacy way.

Compression and optimizations are inspired by the .htaccess from html5-boilerplate.

Optional blocks

Many set of option are available by just uncomment somes lines, like rewrite www. to root domain or the opposite, canonicalize domain, avoid duplicate content from CDN etc..

Shared mirror

By uncomment "Shared Mirror" sections and add a symlink named "shared" to a target of your choice, which can be mutualised RedCat directory or other, you'll can use it as a mirror in the document root: if a file doesn't exists, server will check if it exists in shared and then load it, or, if not, finally redirect to index.php.