Free Support

If you have general purpose problems that you have difficulties to solve and for any question you can directly , I'd be happy to answer and help you.

If you have bugs, please use github to reporting them.

If you have a general interest project like an open-source tool or service for non-profit organization with really nice goal and you want some help to getting started and have an explanation on how to go with RedCat, I can help you freely to start your workflow or break a deadlock of design.

Commercial Support

If you require in-depth help with RedCat technologies we offering commercial support in various ways. We build software on demand, from the main model design to complete applications developement. We help you to integration with other technologies. We provide consulting with reactivity. RedCat will always be an open-source project without any limitation, its community and lead developer will always remain open to give free help. Some companies are more comfortable when an open-source project has commercial support, so I link it to my enterprise.
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