What is RedCat ?

RedCat PHP Framework is designed to enhance developer abilities and bring project's quality to excellence. RedCat is a full-stack framework, a group of decoupled components workings together to make a complete web development solution. If you know OOP and you like PHP, the most popular language for web development, RedCat can help you to boost your workflow and greatly increase your productivity.

What's a framework ?

Most of times, developpers write a lot of boilerplate source code. One of the framework purposes is to avoid all this unecessary work. But many of the populars frameworks don't really resolve this problem and even sometimes, so as to build an open and flexible architecture, they replace common code by a lot of supplementary work to use the components they provides. Consequently, many developers no longer see the benefit to use a framework, and then it is unfortunate to note that, start with a framework, is not anymore the most common way to work on web applications. With a good framework the code is easily reusable and web applications are easy to create.

Full-stack web framework

RedCat is not only a PHP Framework but it's also a set of common solid foundations for the web architecture needs. It provide server's requests configuration, database query composer, javascript dependencies manager, syntaxed css toolbox, boilerplate templates, and default sets for crossdomain policies, robots.txt for search engines, gitignore for git, maintenance preset and some others nice stuffs.

The couch that join the stand-alone components together is designed like a top plugin that you can extends or reproduce with your own logic and it's very light. All components are acting in synergy and are thinked in a decoupled way but from a global vision and so, the whole framework is definitely more than the sum of its parts.