Why another framework ?

What's make RedCat's singularity ?

I didn't want to choose between scalability, based on good practices, and rapid deployment, based on pragmatism. The one based on full configuration, flexible but tedious, and the other based on strict conventions, efficient but arbitrary limited. All frameworks I've seen can be classed in one of these two categories.
However it's possible to reach the simplicity of RAD but without sacrifice of programming scalability and agility respecting SOLID principles and best-practices. With implicit powerfull conventions but overriding configuration RedCat bring the right approach.

Let's work together !

The RedCat architecture is loosely coupled and respect the SoC principles. That's mean each component is independent from the others and you can use them without the whole framework. You can use them separately into any other web application framework, CMS, groupware, CRM or tailor-maide application.

But you can also work with somes other popular frameworks like Zend, Symfony, PEAR, Aura or many others inside RedCat very easily. RedCat have somes exclusive features and very clever components, but it didn't reinvent the wheel unnecessarily and some others frameworks also have useful and nice components that you can use for specifics needs. Moreover, some of majors RedCat's components are mainly inspired by others tools from the community of PHP developers.

For sum up, RedCat can be used as the core of your application as well as a library of awesome components.